Get To Know You

How is up to you. If you’re local we would love to come out and have a chat face to face, to get to know about your business and see it in action (it gives us some good content ideas too!) We want to know what you’re wanting to achieve and how we can help you do it…We’re quite partial to a cup of tea and a biscuit too, if you’re offering?

It doesn’t have to take long, half an hour or so is fine. But if you prefer to have a virtual Zoom meeting or just a good ole fashioned phone call then that’s fine too. Whatever suits you best.

Package Creation

Once we’ve met with you, got the gist of who you are and what’s important to you; what your short/long term goals are and your overall vision for the company.

We will have a better understanding of what kind of service would benefit you most and can put together a package tailored specifically to your needs.

Game On

As and when you’re happy to go ahead and your first months payment has been made, it will take us 5-7 working days to produce any of the packages we offer.

We need to do some detailed research first to make sure we get it to our high standards. Think Gordon Ramsay over his Risotto.


After 5-7 days we will present you with a schedule of planned content and or ads for the following 30 days. For you to check over, request any changes and approve. We can go over this as much as you like until you’re happy, though we’re usually pretty good at getting it spot on.

Sit back and relax!

Leave it to us, we’ll be in touch regularly with updates if we’re managing your ads or content. We’ll also produce you a monthly report with the results for that particular campaign/months content.

We always prefer to have a meeting (virtual or in-person) to chat you through the first months results to make sure all the data we give you makes sense. Also, to discuss the strategy for the next month, again that’s up to you (we’ll bring the biscuits this time 😉)

Nailed It

After a few months of careful analysis, a few tweaks here and there and everything perfected, you can pat yourself on the back, for choosing Head Spin Media, to be your social media ally.

Reaping all the rewards of being not only top of your game for what you do but on Social Media too!